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Starr Kidz and Stage Ready Competition Team Information

Starr Kidz has always been about fun and participation. However we do provide the opportunity for interested and dedicated dancers, actors and vocalists to compete.

Competing is great in a number of ways. It gives the children goals to work towards and to achieve, it increases the number of performance opportunities to showcase their hard work and talents, it teaches valuable lessons on team work and commitment, it truly deepens friendships, and it teaches kids how to be gracious losers and humble winners.

The competition team will have a number of additional requirements in order to give the children the best possible chance of doing the very best they can. Participation should involve a family discussion and not be taken lightly. 

The requirements include:

Full participation in the Competition Team weekly practice.   

All competition team members must also be a member of a Starr Kidz Club Team and must be up to date with all fees. 

All competition team members will require a leotard (any colour/style) and jazz/bike shorts for every lesson.

All competition team members must wear their hair securely off their face for every lesson.

All competition team members will require tan Jazz shoes and Fiesta Matt Skintone footed dance stockings. (Available from Dance Solutions Mawson Lakes and can be ordered through the club)

Tap team members will require tan tap shoes at all lessons.

Ballet Team members will require skintone ballet shoes at all lessons.  

All competition team members will be required at every practice and will require a doctors certificate if missing a class.

Leading up to competitions, comps team lessons will be scheduled. These will be at a cost of $5 per student, and will wherever possible be run on Wednesday evenings.

All competition team members must be available to compete in the competitions and sometimes this means missing some time off school. Dates will be given out as soon as they are made available. 

All competition team members must audition each year. Continued participation will be based on adhering to the regulations.

Only students aged 7 and up to 16 can audition. Competitive solo and duo opportunities exist for other ages.